The «THE RED ARMY UNIFORM: 1918 - 1945» - is a joint effort of Anton Shalito, Ilya Savchenkov, Sergei Savin, Kirill Ciplenkov, Nikolai Rogoinsky, Alexey Stepanov. I'm happy to help my friends to publish materials on their unique collection of real military suit, which had been put togeth-er little by little in the atmosphere of misunderstanding on the part of the ordinary people, pre-occupied with their own problems.
There are no useless hobbies. Every enthusiast finds out sooner or later that his work becomes indispensable for the others, thanks to him, the world is getting better.
This book is of great interest not only for collectors, specialists, but also for uniformers, gar-ment designers, cinematographists and for all kinds of enthusiastic curious people.
This book is a peculiar continuation and addition of the first book of aforementioned authors «RED ARMY UNIFORMS OF WWII», published by «WINDROW & GREEN» in series «EUROPA MILITARIA»in 1991
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